What’s for Dinner at Beth’s House?  w/c 8th February 2016

What’s for Dinner at Beth’s House? w/c 8th February 2016

I’m running a bit late with Meal Plan Monday this week.  Purely because I am nesting.  No, I am not pregnant but I am preparing for my baby’s second homecoming.  In the last week, I have blitzed the kitchen and hallway and today I’ve started on the front room. 

I have found some time in amongst all of my obsessive cleaning to write my meal plan.  As I’m trying to lose weight, I am trying to cook more from scratch that is healthy and tasty.  Plus Boyo is away in Llangrannog with the school.  I get more scope because the other two will eat pretty much anything.

So, what is the meal plan?

Pork Chops & Veg

I have the pork chops in the freezer already.  I may make up a little gravy with it too… Princess Pants will probably eat the veg rather than the pork chop.  Comma will eat it all.

Hunters Chicken, Chips & Peas

Oooh, I love Hunters chicken.  I normally serve with veg, but I’m thinking chips will be a pleasant change this week.


I gotta provide at least one quick meal haven’t I?  This one will keep the kids and the hubby happy.

Sausage & Bean Stew

I haven’t really thought this one through yet…   I’m creating it without a recipe.  I think it’ll just be a bung it in and hope for the best job!

Tomato Pasta

Another quick meal but basically a tomato sauce mixed into pasta… There’s always clear plates.

Beef Casserole, Yorkshire Pudding & Mash

I can’t wait for this one… I will be filling a giant Yorkshire pudding with mash, veggies and a yummy beef casserole!

Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Another one to keep the little ones happy (and me). 

That’s what we’re eating this week, how about you?