#WeightLossWednesday – 5 Tips for getting back ‘on-the-wagon’

#WeightLossWednesday – 5 Tips for getting back ‘on-the-wagon’

I am warning you in advance that this post is nowhere near the inspirational and driven #WeightLossWednesday post that I would have liked to have posted but… I have been ill.  Before I go and get the world’s smallest violin to play the world’s saddest tune, I would like to say that despite feeling like death warmed up and drinking orange juice to my heart’s content I did manage to lose some weight.

Being ‘off-the-wagon’ for such a long time, I really am struggling to get back ‘on-the-wagon’.  So what tips can help you get back on it and stay on it?

Firstly, give yourself a break

This is potentially THE most important thing to remember.  We all have a tendency to be critical of our failings.  However, it is important not to dwell on it all for too long… Get up, brush yourself down and get back on.  You can do this!

Plan Ahead

I plan my meals every week which, when I am on form, helps me to avoid snacking between meals and keeps me on track.  You don’t have to plan weekly because daily planning works just as well.  It is also good to plan ahead so you know when you will be elsewhere at a meal time and to enable you to make the best choices.  Even if you know you are going to be out for dinner, most restaurants have menus online these days… so take a quick look and decide in advance what you are going to be ordering.

Allow room for treats

If you know you are out for dinner one night of the week… allow yourself a treat.  But as I said above a little bit of forward planning goes a long way.  It will probably give you the opportunity to have that cheeky pudding if you plan correctly.   A little treat never hurt anyone and it also helps to keep you on track.

Set small goals

It’s all very well saying that you have 9 stone to lose but that 9 stone seems like such a long way away.  Why not say that you want to lose 14lb in 8 weeks?  That 14lb is more than achievable AND once it’s gone you then have just 8 stone to lose. 

Make sure you have support

I couldn’t have lost the 3.5 stone in 2013 if it wasn’t for my group of fabulous weight loss friends.  We were all there supporting each other through the good and bad weeks.  Now, I’m working on getting back into the fold and being there to support them as well as myself.

February Weight Loss Goals

Lose 5lb : -1lb = 4lb left
3pt of water a day : 0 days target made

Weight: 19st 10lb > 276lb > 125.2kg
Loss: -1lb (1lb lost in total)

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