#52WeeksofHappy – 5/52

#52WeeksofHappy – 5/52

52weeksofhappy5This week has been a little bit manic to say the least, but I do have a lot to be happy about.

I have smashed my February weight loss goal

At the start of February I gave myself the challenge of losing 5lb this month.  I met that goal on the 16th.  Half way through the month.  I think that is enough to make me happy this week. 

I am hoping that I can lose another 2-3lb in the remainder of the month.

Hubby has fixed his car

Hubby has had a few problems with his car starting on these cold mornings.  He managed to get it sorted this week which means there is one less headache for me.

Boyo came home from a school trip

Last week, Boyo was away in Llangrannog.  He was away when Rainbow came home from hospital.  He came home to find Rainbow sleeping in the swing…  He was awestruck.  He couldn’t believe that she was home.52woh5

Princess Pants had a fab weekend with Nanny

My little big girl has been feeling a little bit sad of late.  She hasn’t been coping with the family situation all that well on top of having a few problems in school. 

Me and Mum decided that she needed time to have ALL the attention and not share it with her siblings.

It has picked her up no end… She’s a very beautiful little girl, inside and out!

Comma has accepted Rainbow back into the fold

I honestly thought that we would have problems reintroducing Rainbow as far as Comma was concerned.  He’s a Mummy’s boy and had gotten used to having me to himself when I was at home.  

He has literally just accepted her back… He adores her.  He stands at her crib side and just gazes at her.

Rainbow has settled in well at home

Rainbow has been home for 9 days now… and she is settling in lovely… I’m not one to brag but she is sleeping 10.30pm-6am… and is feeding rather well.

She was weighed today and has gained 9oz in 9 days.  I call that a good result.  She just needs to continue like this now.

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