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#52WeeksofHappy – 3/52

4th February 2016

Welcome to week 3 of #52WeeksofHappy.  Another week of 2016 gone… and we’re into February now… How did that happen? 


I’ve had a pretty rubbish week with coughs, colds and tummy bugs but it looks like we could be through the worst of it now.  So what have I got to be happy about this week?

A tidy and organised cutlery drawer and sink area

I started the Declutter 365 Challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101 this month.  I have started with the kitchen which is supposed to start in January but I’ve adapted it to suit me starting in February… If I do 2 tasks a day I should be able to catch up…

Yesterday, with a pj day for poorly children (and being completely unable to visit Rainbow in hospital), I took the opportunity to complete a few of the tasks. 

I decluttered the cutlery drawer, I decluttered the utensils and I decluttered the sink area… It all now looks so much better doesn’t it?

cutlery drawersink area

Today, I’m going to clear the worktops, kitchen table and declutter the tea towel drawer. 

Rainbow has made yet more progress

Last week she would take around 10-30mls a day from a bottle and, as a result, was still predominantly NGT fed.  This week, it’s working out that she’s taking around 200ml a day from a bottle.  I call that tremendous progress given that she has been NGT fed since 9th November. 


She’s also becoming stronger but with that strength comes a very independent little lady!

A post of mine has been popular this week

When I wrote, What is DiGeorge Syndrome?, I didn’t expect it to be picked up by a group raising awareness of 22q11 Deletion Syndrome.  But it was and thanks to them sharing it, it’s received over 1000 hits in the last 48 hours.

These are my reasons to be happy this week… pop over to Ojo’s World and Lakes Single Mum to see others reasons to be cheerful. 


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    Looking for Blue Sky
    5th February 2016 at 7:35 pm

    Very glad that Rainbow is making more progress and that you’ve been able to raise awareness of her condition too.

    I love decluttering too, but I’m too busy at the moment to manage any 🙂

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    Becky Willoughby
    4th February 2016 at 6:28 pm

    SO glad she is continuing to improve 🙂 Well done on the declutter I don’t seem to make permanent progress at mine…. Great that you have raised awareness of the syndrome.

    Thanks for joining in

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