#WeightLossWednesday – A bit of a ramble

#WeightLossWednesday – A bit of a ramble

It’s hump day again and that can only mean one thing… #WeightLossWednesday!

I’m not really certain what to write about this week… Perhaps that I’ve done a bit crappy on the healthy eating front? Or may be that despite being crappy at healthy eating I have managed to lose 2lb?

This week I’ve cracked on with decluttering the house… it’s been fantastic because I’ve burned extra calories by whizzing around my house and I’ve been so preoccupied I haven’t snacked all that much.

I’ve been back and fore the hospital this week too which has also meant that I didn’t utilise one of last week’s tips to plan ahead! 

We ate a takeaway.  It wasn’t ideal but it was very much needed at the time.  I really enjoyed it… I cooked most evenings I was home though.  One night we had a slowcooked stew.  Another we had a salad.

Things today have changed again.  I won’t go into it just yet (check back later in the week to find out why) but it’s making a big difference to our lives. 

It means that we will be attempting to eat healthier and just generally change our lifestyle. 

I want to start going out for walks.

I want to arrange time for me to exercise. 

I am going to need some time for myself over the coming months.

February Weight Loss Goals

Lose 5lb : -3lb = 2lb left
3pt of water a day : 3 days goal met…

Weight : 19st 8lb > 274lb > 124.3kg
Loss : -2lb (3lb lost in total)

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