#52WeeksofHappy – 1/52

#52WeeksofHappy – 1/52

52weeksofhappyThings are getting better and it is time to focus on the good things.

Welcome to my first #52weeksofhappy.  A post where I focus on the things from the past week that have made me happy.  I will also be tying it in with the Reasons to be Cheerful link up hosted by Ojo’s World and Lakes Single Mum.

My problem is I tend to focus on the things my children do that make me happy but I forget what actually makes ME happy… so at least one of my happy things will be for me.

What has made me happy this week?

I bought myself a present. 


I adore Organised Mum products.  I’ve loved them for the last 5 years.  I adore stationery too.

Earlier in the week I bought myself a Family Life Book.  It satisfies my need for organisation.  It looks pretty.  And it has more than enough space for everyone’s appointments.

Rainbow has made progress.

In the space of 3 days, Rainbow came off the ventilator; graduated off CPAP and moved out from HDU and onto the ward.  We even got our first proper cuddle in weeks.


After weeks of worrying whether she would ever improve, everything moved so quickly and is still looking good.

I had some ‘me’ time.

After weeks and weeks of either making daily trips to the hospital, worrying over Rainbow and how the others were coping, I finally got to switch off and change the blog around.  It may not seem like much, but I love to make small changes to the blog every now and then.

The new look is a little fresher and cleaner.  I love to look through Design Seeds every now and then.  The images and colour palettes really are stunning. 

My children make me proud.

Don’t get me wrong, I am always proud of them but this week I was amazed at the maturity of Boyo and Princess Pants.  I explained to them about Rainbow having DiGeorge Syndrome and they asked their questions and were accepting of the answers. 


Comma is such a lovely, placid boy.  We know he is bright and there are no flies on him.  Yesterday, while we were at the hospital, the play specialist went through the development tests with him.  At 22 months he scored well above 2.5 years.  He may not talk but he’s definitely advanced.