Reasons to be Cheerful #2 – The Christmas Edition

Reasons to be Cheerful #2 – The Christmas Edition

CHD JourneyIt’s Christmas Day!  (MERRY CHRISTMAS!)

I have so many reasons to be cheerful this week I don’t know where to start.

The week started off with a bit of stress and feeling close to breaking point.  Rainbow had spent 6 weeks in hospital and I was feeling a little bit broken.

But why am I cheerful now?

Rainbow has had her surgery

1933805_10153893059151180_6360845746806663281_nThe call came at 5.40pm on Tuesday evening.  Rainbow was being transferred to Bristol.  I had only left the hospital 90 minutes before, so it was a mad dash back… a quick peck on the cheek for the older 3 and I was off to Bristol with Rainbow in the back of an ambulance.

Yesterday, she had her VSD repaired and is currently on PICU, but things are looking good…

Rainbow makes me happy

She may have just undergone open heart surgery but she’s a fighter.  Her spirit makes me smile.  The nurse said that the sedation she had should have knocked her out but instead she was acting like a teenager, flailing her arms around if she doesn’t like something.

NHS staff

Every step of the way we have been greeted with warmth and compassion.  The NHS is amazing!  The staff are the ones that make it so.  From the surgeon who told us he wasn’t sure how he was going to get to her hole but he would do it; to the anaesthetists who told me they would look after my baby; and further on to the nurses in PICU who are constantly making sure that she is okay!  An extra special mention goes to those consultants in PICU who are working 24 hour shifts over the Christmas period.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

It is thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities that we have a safe haven less than 10 minutes away from the PICU ward where Rainbow is being cared for.  Did you know it costs £25 to house one family for one night?  Neither did I!  However, the overwhelming generosity of everyone who has donated food, drinks and presents to the Bristol house has completely floored me. 

So there we have it… I am over the moon this week and definitely cheerful!

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