Our CHD Journey – Feeding a Baby with a VSD

Our CHD Journey – Feeding a Baby with a VSD

Rainbow is a heart baby.  Heart babies don’t grow as quickly as other babies.  They need more calories than other babies.  This, however, is another part of the problem.

CHD JourneyHeart babies get tired more quickly.  Sometimes feeding can prove difficult for them.  Rainbow doesn’t appear to struggle while feeding but she is definitely less ‘awake’ than the others were at this age.

Rainbow was feeding well until 16 days ago.  She was taking far more milk than she does now.  Everything changed the day of her first immunisations.  Since her imms she has come down with bronchiolitis; she has been hospitalised; she is just less interested in feeding.

Now though, we think there may be an additional problem.  A Cows Milk Intolerance. 

Since she was 4 days old she has been constipated, this has been remedied somewhat by Movicol but I don’t like the idea of her being on laxatives any longer than necessary.

rainbowShe started projectile vomiting around 10 days old.  It started of just once every 1-2 days.  Now it’s 2-3 times a day.  Originally, I thought it may have been reflux but now I’m not so convinced.

She is windy and becomes more irritable and uncomfortable as the day goes on.  Her poo is not normal baby poo. 

This week, I’ve been to see 3 different GPs but yesterday I took a list.  It filled an A5 sheet.  I cried to the Doctor and finally felt like I was being listened to. 


She asked how I felt about taking her to hospital.  I only want what’s best for Rainbow but at the moment my other children need me too.  We compromised in the end.  We try Nutramigen a cows milk free formula and if she continues to not feed, she gets admitted. 

Keep your fingers crossed that the change in formula makes a difference because I am at the end of my tether.  I can’t relax at all and my mother even seems to think I’m going to have a breakdown… And that isn’t good.  We need something to change (quickly).