“Only Thin People Can Be On My Team”

“Only Thin People Can Be On My Team”

My daughter will be 6 years old in December.  She is a beautiful little girl.  She has a truly lovely heart.  She is kind to everyone.  She will give you her last Rolo.  She is full of love. 

Lately, I have noticed a change in my beautiful little girl. 

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My daughter is beginning to lose her self-confidence.  She is beginning to look at her own body and she doesn’t like what she sees. 

Last night, out of the blue, she said “I wish I was thin”.  Those five words cut me deeper than anyone could ever know.  She is 5, she shouldn’t be thinking about being fat or being thin.  She should be thinking about what game to play next.

The worst thing?  I suspect it has come from ‘friends’ at school.  Other children; children who should also not be thinking about fat or thin.  Where would a five year old hear, “only thin people can be on my team”? 


I have always been overweight and I know kids can be cruel.  I never wanted my daughter to experience that.  It hurts, knowing that she hurts because she thinks she is fat. 

I have a poor body image, I try not to let it seep into my parenting.  My body image is just that, MINE.  My children shouldn’t be aware that I do not like how I look. 

There is so much pressure placed on women to be slim and look good.  That pressure is affecting, not only teenage girls, but girls like my daughter. 

My daughter, at the age of 5, has been brainwashed to think that she doesn’t look how she should.   

What should she look like?  She is beautiful; does she have to be ‘thin’ to be beautiful?  What even is thin? 

I am now left with the task of changing my daughter’s perception of herself.  I need to show her she is beautiful and she isn’t fat… the question is, how do I do it?