27.04.15 – What’s for Dinner?

Meal Plan Monday… This is the first time in weeks I have been organised enough to order my shopping on time let alone get a post written for Meal Plan Monday.

I’m changing my Meal Plan Monday into “What’s for Dinner?”  I’m hoping to turn the whole post into a kind of ‘my week in food’ post.  Whether it will actually happen how I’m planning is a whole different story.

I am starting to alter my food planning strategies.  I’m not succeeding in writing weekly ones so I’m going to start writing monthly meal plans but in order to do this, I had to sit down and think of as many favourite meals as possible.  It took a while but I did it and without further ado, this is this week’s meal plan:

Monday Micro Chips & Chicken Nuggets
Tuesday Shepherd’s Pie
Wednesday Cheese & Potato Pie with Bacon & Beans
Thursday Spaghetti Bolognese
Saturday Homemade Pizza & Chips


There seems to be a lot of comfort food in the list but, I’m aiming to eat every favourite meal once in the next 5 weeks.  The only exception is the Monday meals… with 2 hours spent at the leisure centre for swimming lessons and arriving home at bed time I simply haven’t got time to cook a full meal.

The meal I am most looking forward to preparing this week is the homemade pizza on Saturday.  It is going to be lovingly prepared by myself and 2 small people.

I need to try and stick to my meal plans because, quite frankly, I have been lazy over the last few weeks.

What’s for dinner in your house this week?