Dental Braces can be COOL!!

Dental Braces can be COOL!!

I have always been incredibly lucky with my teeth.  I have never really had any major problems (well until now – but that is a whole other story!).  I have never required dental braces.

bracesWhen I was growing up, dental braces were NOT COOL.  The only people who didn’t getting bullied for having braces were the ‘ultra popular’ ones… but even they appeared to suffer some sort of drop in their street cred.

Over the last 15 years or so, the reception to dental braces has shifted.  Dental braces are becoming less ‘uncool’ and more widely accepted.  I don’t know any of this first hand but it is what the teenagers tell me.  Adults are wearing them.  Many celebrities have also admitted to having worn braces to straighten their wonky teeth.

Having never been through it personally, I don’t really know how awkward or painful the process is.  I remember friends who wore braces telling me that it was a pain in the backside to live with. It felt that they were wearing their braces forever, or at least that is how it seemed at the time.

More recently I have heard about the innovative invisible fixed dental braces, Fastbraces. They work twice as quickly to move and straighten teeth.  Perhaps, the visible fixed braces are soon to be a thing of the past with more people opting for the invisible type.

My children have yet to reach their teenage years where the straightness of their teeth may cause them, or their dentist, concern.  Garreth only has half of his adult teeth and Seren has yet to have a single visit from the tooth fairy.  While I don’t think they would ever have a problem with the traditional fixed braces, having an invisible option would probably make them feel more comfortable.

This is a PR collaboration.  All thoughts and words are my own.