Tomy Jiggle-with-Me Pooh Review

Tomy Jiggle-with-Me Pooh Review

I love toys… don’t you? My house is full of them and they are everywhere here… but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying trying out new ones. I love seeing how happy the small ones get over toys and with another little one on the way they will certainly get the play time. Over the last few weeks we have been putting the Tomy Jiggle-with-Me Pooh through its paces.

jiggleJiggle-with-Me Pooh is a fun (albeit noisy) addition to every child’s toy box. He is suitable from 9 months of age (right up to adulthood?) and he really does love to dance to the music with your child. He has 3 fun modes that activate when you tap him on the head and certainly engage any child in a fun game or dance session. He is also soft enough to cuddle.

Comma was not all that sure about Jiggle-with-Me Pooh when he first saw him, but as soon as he heard the music he did start bobbing along too. My smallest man really does love music and is turning into quite the little groover if I am honest.

While he is too young to understand the concept of Winnie’s game of musical statues, the love between Comma and Winnie has grown and developed. In fact, I often catch Comma giving Winnie some love.

He has also recently figured out that he comes to life with a quick tap to the head, although Comma’s idea of a quick tap is more a bash or a drop on the head. It is coping well with the stress… and appears to be very sturdy.

Despite the frosty start between the two of them, Jiggle-with-Me Pooh is definitely a hit with Comma (as well as the older two).

Would we recommend him? We would indeed… if only for his musical ability!