5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

5 Ideas for Your Next Date Night

love-316640_1280Scheduling regular date nights each week or month (or whenever you can manage them) provides time for you and your partner to touch base. Making time for each other is important for the health of your relationship. Whether you two are brand new to dating or you look back on those times fondly, here are some great ideas for date nights to enjoy.

1. TV Series Binge: True Detective

A good drama or mystery is ideal for a date night binge because it gives you a thick plot to discuss over popcorn. True Detective is the perfect choice for a binge session because the season is only eight episodes, as season two follows a different storyline. Set in Louisiana, the show flips between 1995 and 2012, delving into a murder and the detectives (played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) who helped close the case originally. Distributed locally by Warner Bros., this HBO series is complex and intriguing and will keep you both interested.

2. Themed Dining Night

Most dates revolve around food in some way. Instead of starting the night sitting down to eat, why not start out in the kitchen? Pick a theme or a style of cooking that interests you and find some recipes to try out on each other. Chinese is a great start – make your own banquet and sit down to enjoy it together. Think pork buns, San Choy Bau, rice paper rolls, and other delicious combinations. Playing around in the kitchen together gives you plenty of time to talk, as well as seeing how skilled your date is when it comes to cooking!

3. Miniature Golf Session

A night out to a mini golf park might seem childish, but that’s half the fun. Challenge each other or team up with another couple for some friendly competition. Mini golf requires a little patience and a bit of luck. Have a laugh as you try to putt between the obstacles and into the hole – it’s harder than it looks! The loser can then treat the winner to ice cream at the end.

4. Go Exploring

There are tourist attractions or things to do in your own town that you have probably never experienced. This is a great chance to get out and see them. Put on some comfortable shoes and hike up to a lookout, venture through the parks, or even look around some of the historical sites in town. Whatever your interests, exploring them together gives you a chance to make some new memories while learning more about your home.

5. Market Challenge

Set a budget and scour the markets or charity shops for a gift for your date. If you set ground rules, it can be a fun competition. Some rule suggestion: the item has to be useable or it has to match a particular theme. Finding something for the living room that’s blue without spending more than $10 might sound a bit silly, but you just might end up with something fantastic (and something that will always remind you of the fun date during which you bought it!)

Date night ideas don’t require deep pockets. There are plenty of activities you can take part in without spending a lot of money and, instead, focusing on the two of you. What are some of your favourite date night activities?

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