Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Stocking Fillers for All

Are your stockings always hung with care on Christmas Eve? Ours are. Who has a stocking at Christmas time in your house? Here are a few stocking filler gift ideas that are guaranteed to raise a smile this Christmas.

For Him & Her


Toiletries are a must in every stocking; soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste for the younger ones and deodorants for teens and adults. This Christmas, Aldi have lots of great (and affordable) stocking fillers.

  • For Him they have a great range of shower gels and deodorants in their Lacura range.
  • For Her they have a lovely collection of Lacura face, hand and nail creams.
  • For those who love a soak in the bath or a quick scrub in the shower there are numerous bubble baths and shower gels.

Aldi really does have something to offer everyone this Christmas!

For Mr Fix It (or Mrs Fix It)



How many things break at Christmas? Well, now us adults can play with some mouldable dough that sticks things together. Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue that turns into rubber, has released an awesome limited edition tin. The Limited Edition I <3 colourful fixing tin contains the original Sugru in 5 new (and amazing) colours: Awesome Orange, Silver Grey, Woody Brown, Mossy Green and Panther Pink.

Sugru is incredibly durable and can be used to fix ANYTHING. It is durable and strong and we’ve even used it to fix our phone charger like you see in the picture. It’s holding up well so far! I’ll let you in on a little secret too: you can use it in the freezer or the hot shower! It is the perfect little stocking filler!

For A Little Bit Of Calm This Christmas


Nelsons are well known for their natural healthcare range and I’m sure everyone would appreciate a little bit of calm this Christmas. With Nelsons you get that and here are a few ideas that will certainly help to fill a stocking.

  • Nelsons Arnicare Cream is a great first aid product for all bruises.
  • Nelsons Bach Rescue Balm provides protection from external stress factors and moisturises lips.
  • Nelsons Calendula Cream is a natural soothing skin cream for sore & rough skin and can also help to treat eczema.

For The Little People


Stationery seems to be a staple stocking filler in our house. Various pens & pencils are always acquired at Christmas but I am always on the lookout for something new. This year it has come in the form of The Sticker Club, a weekly sticker club that delivers 9 sticker sheets direct to your door.

This gift is perfect for those creative little people who simply adore sticking things to everything (and I mean everything). It costs just £1.99 a week and keeps children entertained for hours. I should know, we were sent some and are happy to say they are perfect stocking fillers too.