Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Something for Everyone

As Christmas is now less than a month away it’s time to wrap up the Christmas Gift Guide for 2014 but not before we look at these 5 great gift ideas.  Mooshka™ Dolls, Hover Shot, My Enchanted Mirror, Base Fashion and From You to Me all feature!

Mooshka™ Dolls


Princess Pants loves her dolls and the Mooshka™ Dolls from Zapf Creations have certainly managed to turn her head. Pretty and brightly dressed, the 33cm dolls are THE perfect first doll for any little girl this year. They are soft and there are 6 different dolls, Myra, Sonia, Ina, Nessa, Katia and Dasha.

We have been taking care of Dasha and she really does live up to expectations. Princess Pants adores her and keeps nagging me for one of the others so they can hold hands. Mooshka™ Dolls are an ideal gift for little girls this Christmas.

Hover Shot


Now for something that appeals to all. Hover Shot is a fantastically fun game for all the family. It is a glow in the dark shooting game that sees players to shoot hovering soft balls out of the air. It is ideal for all little boys who love Nerf guns, like Boyo. Princess Pants is a little partial to shooting games too.

Hover Shot has already provided Boyo and Princess Pants with hours of glow in the dark fun and it looks sets to continue. If I am honest, hubby and I have also enjoyed a sneaky game. It really is a great present for all the family to enjoy!

My Enchanted Mirror


For all little Princesses who love to make sure they look their best, the My Enchanted Mirror from SAMBRO is just what they need. Not only is it a normal mirror but princesses can play four different games and interact with it thanks to a handy microphone. It is also pretty and pink!

Princess Pants has loved playing with her My Enchanted Mirror! She is certainly the fairest of them all!

Trendy Designer Clothes


The Christmas season is the perfect time for dressing up as well as for giving awesome clothing gifts you wouldn’t normally buy. Base offers an amazing collection of trendy designer clothing for kids and teens like this amazing Ralph Lauren Classic Cable Jumper. A stunning fit and available in great colours… Boyo certainly looks amazing in his!

Base Fashion also offers a large collection of designer clothes for boys, girls and babies. I know one little Princess that would love to find this beautiful Kate Mack Flower Colour Block Dress under the Christmas tree with her name on it this year.

I also know a baby who would look just dapper in this Tommy Hilfiger Babies Stripe Baby Grow. What do you think? If you’re stuck for ideas of what to get a small person this Christmas, I’m sure Base Fashion will be more than happy to help!

From You to Me Gift Ideas

I love the entire From You to Me range, having received a journal from my Mum for my birthday one year. They have a lovely keepsake gift for everyone including Baby’s First Christmas and an annual Family Christmas journal.


Comma is celebrating his first Christmas this year and what better present to give new parents and babies celebrating their first Christmas? We’ve received the Our Story… For My Son journal but there is also an Our Story… For My Daughter journal. Fill it in once a year, to document the growing relationship between Mother (or Father) and Son.


From Me to You also have a beautiful Christmas journal, Christmas Present, Christmas Past. Complete 10 years of Christmas memories including all the small details. The memories can be preserved and passed on through the years. We’re giving Boyo and Princess Pants their own to fill in this year so we can look back in years to come to see Christmas through their eyes. The journals are available in 3 lovely designs and make a lovely gift.