In search of that elusive hour…

In search of that elusive hour…

Begin_CEST_TransparentI don’t understand the excitement of the clocks going back… those who get excited obviously don’t have young children.  The end of daylight savings time doesn’t really benefit parents!

If you have children under the age of, let’s say 10, they don’t really seem to understand the concept of a ‘lie-in’. So trying to explain that they are supposed to stay in bed for an extra hour is practically impossible… In fact when you have a baby, staying in bed for an extra hour is less likely than a heat wave in the middle of winter.

In fact, right now, I would give anything for 1 hour of solid sleep. I saw every 30 minutes on the clock last night… Comma decided that sleep truly is for the weak and made it his mission to prove he is stronger than I am.

It worked. I admit it. My baby is stronger than I am. I am weak and I need sleep. Right now, at 7am, after being awake all night, he is playing happily with his toys; while I am sat here, coffee in hand, eyes almost closed, feeling like the undead.

I may not be able to make it through the day without copious amounts of caffeine. I may even have to suggest a duvet day with the other two… as little energy expended as possible preferably.

The one thing I am grateful for is Boyo. While Hubby worked, Boyo was with me. He is a remarkable little lad and every time his little brother woke up crying, he was by my side because he said he didn’t want me to be alone.

Despite, having him there with me, that extra hour seemed to last an extra 10… given that we didn’t start to settle down until 1am… and then 1am came again.

How did you get on with the clocks going back? Did you get that elusive extra hour in bed?