Frozen for £10? Really? YES!!!

Frozen for £10? Really? YES!!!

We all love to cwtch on the sofa watching a Disney film don’t we?  And, we also all know that the songs from them end up being sung for months.  Princess Pants has been singing one particular song for at least 6 months.  That song is from Frozen and I get asked weekly when I am going to get it on DVD.  Well, that wish has been fulfilled by who kindly sent us a copy of Frozen!


These clever people behind Suppose scurry around finding the best deals for us and tracking prices.  As a result, they have found a great deal where you can get your hands on the Frozen DVD for £10!  That’s a whole £5 less than the recommended retail price of £15.  They have found it for us just in time for Christmas as well.


As I have already said, we love Disney films and Frozen has been added to the long list of ‘Can we watch’ films right alongside the likes of Tangled, Toy Story and Cinderella.

Did you know, Disney films are the only DVD’s that hold their retail value from release?  It really is no wonder, because they are captivating and really encourage children to dream… Frozen is no different, Princess Pants wants to be a part of the film and sings Let it Go from start to finish!  Mummy is also partial to a little bit of make believe!

Frozen really is a great film and £10 is a great deal for the DVD, so what are you waiting for?