Christmas Gift Guide – What do the Grown-Ups do?

The more that you read, The more things you will know. The more that you learn, The more places you’ll go.
Dr Seuss

I don’t think anything is truer than this and I want to raise my children to enjoy reading. That is why, every Christmas, they always receive at least one book. This year, the pile of books that should be on everybody’s Christmas list is growing. I’m going to start with two new books from the ‘What do the Grown-ups do?’ series.

Fiona the Doctor and Richard the Vet is book 4 and 5 (respectively) in the series and are set to be published on 28th October 2014. Previous titles, released earlier this year include Joe the Fisherman, Papa the Stockfarmer and Sean the Actor.

The series is written by Mairi McLellan to educate children about the world of work. Aimed at 5-10 year olds, the books are light-hearted and chatty which keeps children engaged.

Fiona the Doctor

The Mackenzie children meet Fiona, the doctor, who explains to them what it is a doctor does. She explains what each piece of equipment inside a doctor’s bag is for, teaches them the differences between blood pressure and pulse and all other things medical.


Princess Pants has thoroughly enjoyed reading Fiona the Doctor and it coincides perfectly with her love of Doc McStuffins and all things ‘booboo’ related. The myriad of images in the book not only kept her attention but also encouraged her to ask her own questions.

Richard the Vet

The children this time finds out about Richard, the vet’s, job. He specialises in horses and teaches the children a number of things like how horses’ teeth never stop growing and how to avoid getting kicked by the horses.


Like Fiona the Doctor, Richard the Vet captivated Princess Pants. She loves horses and the theme really helped to keep her attention. She commented (several times) on how gorgeous the horses were.

Both books are very well written and provide information on a subject that we don’t really discuss with our children. They are a definite must-have this Christmas!