Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts for Her

Gifts for the special women in our lives can be notoriously difficult to choose.  Women can be a little fussy, don’t you agree?  Here are a few ideas for gifts that will hopefully not only light up her eyes but provide help for vulnerable people all over the world.

Oxfam – Monsoon for Oxfam Hot Water Bottle Cover
(available from Oxfam shops nationwide priced at £9.99)

These long chilly nights seem to last forever and sometimes, just sometimes there is nothing better than snuggling under the duvet.  But what if, heaven forbid, the bed is cold! <insert look of horror here>

Hot water bottles are not as common as they were but I think that could change.  Ethnic-inspired, Monsoon for Oxfam, includes a gorgeous hand-embroidered hot water bottle cover.

Monsoon for Oxfam Hot Waterbottle Cover, £9.99,

I think it is just the thing for my Nan, who loves her hot water bottle.

Save the Children – Christmas Jumpers
(available from George at Asda priced at £12-£14)

I was actually walking around Asda yesterday and unwittingly eyed up a few of the Save the Children Christmas Jumpers.  Thinking how nice they would be to add to my own Christmas list.

Bling Penguin Jumper, £12Smooch Reindeer Jumper, £14

I quite fancy the Bling Penguin one… or the Smooch Reindeer and with the sales of the jumpers raising funds for Save the Children they have even more appeal.  Don’t you agree?

Rays of Sunshine Tote Bags
(available from Clintons priced at £8)

Does the special woman in your life like shopping?  Or does she need (another) bag to add to her collection?  I like tote bags and the Rays of Sunshine Tote Bags are guaranteed to brighten up my shopping trip.


20% of the sales of the bags go straight to Rays of Sunshine and with three bright designs there is most definitely something for everyone.

Send a Cow – Educate a Child
(available from priced at £30)

For something unique this Christmas, perhaps give the gift of learning to a child in Ethiopia or Uganda.  The recipient, whether it is your Mum, Nan, Sister or Auntie, will receive a gift safe in the knowledge that they have helped a child gain access to an education, enabling them to live healthier lives.


It really is a gift that keeps on giving to future generations as well.  Like all Send a Cow gifts, the recipient will receive a gift pack and card showing how the gift has helped children less fortunate than our own.