Christmas Gift Guide 2014 – Family Fun with Board Games

Christmas is a time for family evenings and snuggles on the sofa. So, what do you do on those evenings?

Last year we played board games; Monopoly, Game of Life, Caption It, Lego Creationary to name a few that we played. Each game was in the Christmas present pile. So which games should be on the wish list this Christmas?



First off, I’m going to start with one for the adults. Accentuate, aimed at everyone aged 16+, promises to deliver the gift of awkward this Christmas. Based around “The Fun of Accents”, the game is sure to deliver a hint of hilarity and many blushing faces around the games table.


Players are expected (although maybe this isn’t the right word) to mimic 30 different accents from around the world including 10 dialects from the UK.   Simply pick an Accent Card and a Quotation Card, and then you have 30 short seconds to gather your head and utter your quote in the accent given.

Hubby and I gave this game a go in secret, just the two of us. I only wish I had thought to record it… it was absolutely hilarious. The only accent I can successfully pull of is the Welsh one… because well, I’m Welsh. Hubby fairs slightly better than me. It was very funny and I look forward to taking it to my parents and grandparents over Christmas.

Accentuate is a must have for any fun-loving adult.

Who Put the Marmite in the Fridge?

No, I haven’t really found the Marmite in the Fridge… we don’t even have Marmite in the house! This is a game for the young and the old, anyone aged 6+ can play it. Who Put the Marmite in the Fridge? is a twist on the classic pairs card game. Simple enough for your children to play alone or with you; simply match up the grocery items but don’t be left holding the odd jar of Marmite in the deck.


Boyo and Princess Pants had a little play of this game in between Lego Club and Cubs last week. It provided a great filler to keep them entertained. The pack is even small enough to fill a stocking with. They were able to play unguided and although the game is designed for 6+ years… almost 5 year old Princess Pants was able to play with ease after some explaining.

You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Bus

Why would you want to push your Granny off the bus to start with? You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Bus is set to become a firm favourite this year with cartoon comedy and hilarious methods of attack and defence.


Anyone over the age of 6 can battle it out in an attempt to push the other players Grannies off the bus with hatpins, pension books and ankle-biting lapdogs, while they defend themselves with shopping trolleys and woolly tights.

Boyo and Princess Pants loved this game and it provided us with quite a few giggles. We thoroughly enjoyed playing the game together and they also enjoyed playing it alone too. It is easy to set up and understand and hilarity will certainly ensue once gameplay commences!