Baby Comma – 5 Months Old

Baby Comma – 5 Months Old

Baby Comma,

You were 5 months old on Thursday!

You are such a cheeky chappy.  Your smile lights up a room and you are surrounded by people who love and dote on you.

Your personality is really starting to come through now.  You are impatient (you get that from Mummy); you are sociable (you didn’t stand much chance of not being so with Boyo and Princess Pants around); you are nosy (but then, show me a 5 month old who isn’t).

Recently we’ve discovered that you laugh when being tickled or ‘shmooshed’ into our chests.  Your little chuckle is heart-warming and makes Mummy, for one, go all gooey.

I feel like we have made huge steps this last month.  You have suddenly ‘grown up’ or so it seems.  Currently you are making your LeapFrog Learn and Groove sing “babadoowa” and keep looking over at me and smiling.  You seem to know that it gets stuck in my head and I’ll be singing “babadoowa” for the foreseeable future.

18-22 weeks


So how are you developing?

WEIGHT/LENGTH: You weighed 24lb 2.5oz at 20+5 weeks… You measured 70cm in length.  You are a big boy.

CLOTHES SIZE: It’s funny because you are still wearing some 3-6 months… but you really do need to move into 6-9 months now.

FEEDING: You are starting to self-wean… You love all sorts of fruit and veg… I’ve been trying to hold you off but you wouldn’t let me eat unless I offered you something off my plate.

SLEEPING: You’re sleeping from 8pm until anywhere between 10.30pm to midnight.  Then you sleep from your bottle until between 5am and 7am… At which points you have snuggles in bed with Mammy.  Your daytime naps are a little sporadic and you don’t like them unless snuggled with Mammy.

NEW TRICKS?: You are getting stronger and more able to sit up unaided.  You can give kisses.

You are amazing.  You love being wrapped up (and we’ve recently acquired our first woven wrap, with the second on its way).

Tomorrow, you will be meeting a very special person… Auntie Sim!  Babies seem to love her and you will be no different.

Lots of cwtches and kisses,

Mammy xxxx