Weight Loss 2014 – The One with the new goal

Weight Loss 2014 – The One with the new goal

I’ve decided to scrap the Weight Loss 2014 challenge I originally set myself.  Why? Because I am crap.  I haven’t tracked, I haven’t been conscious and I have made all the wrong choices.

Today is Monday, a new week and I’ve decided to set myself a more attainable target.  Why have a target I feel I can’t meet… it’s hardly going to inspire me, is it?

So today is the first day. The first day that will see me through to the end of this challenge.  I will be starting afresh.  Taking each day as a separate entity, and concentrating on my new goal:

Get to 17st 5lb (or 243lb, or 110.2kg).

I have reset all my charts and I’m ready!  My goal is roughly 2st 8lb away (36lb or 16kg).

What is so important about 17st 5lb?  That is my pre-third-pregnancy weight.  I last weighed it on 17th June 2013.

To help me get started here are a few little goals… they aren’t necessarily short term, nor long term but they will cover different areas of healthy living.

WEIGHT:  Get below 30lb to lose.

FOOD: Make conscious decisions about what I eat.

Exercise: Try a 20 minute walk at least once this week.

This weeks (starting) stats are:

Previous weight:         N/A
Current weight:          19st 13.2lb ~ 279.2lb ~ 126.6kg
Weight lost:                 N/A

Starting weight:
Goal weight:               17st 5lb ~ 243lb ~ 110.2kg

Weight lost to date:    N/A
Weight loss to goal:    2st 8.2lb ~ 36.2lb ~ 16.4kg

Previous BMI:             N/A
Current BMI:              43.70
Goal BMI:                   38.06