Summer Must Haves – Swimming

Summer Must Haves – Swimming

This is the final post in the Summer Must Haves series and I am a little bit sad.  We’ve had a fun start to the summer, but before we know it we’ll all be preparing to go back to school.

This last part of the feature is focussed on what has become Comma’s favourite pastime.  Swimming.  All three of mine have started young – with the amazing help of Water Babies.  Boyo was 6 months, Princess Pants was 12 weeks and Comma will be starting Water Babies in September.  However, we have already taken him swimming while on holiday last week.

However, there are a few things you need to take a baby swimming.

A Swim Nappy

Have you ever put a regular nappy in a bowl of water?  It isn’t a pretty sight.  Imagine adding a little bit (or a lot, depending on your baby) of baby poo and it is the recipe for a very messy swimming pool/paddling pool/beach etc….

Huggies hygiene mat

HLS logo_hi res

I swear by HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® swim pants.  They are easily the best swim nappy I have tried with all 3.  They are designed not to swell like regular nappies and, since, I used to take Princess Pants swimming 2 years ago, now have easy to undo side panels.  Not to mention the fun pictures they are decorated with.   To compliment their swim pants, HUGGIES also have their HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® Hygiene Mat. In two fun waterproof designs it means you don’t have to lie your little one directly on the wet floor/changing table.

A Protective Swim Nappy

While HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® are fantastic, many parent and baby swimming companies ask that use use the double nappy system. This is where the Splash About Happy Nappy comes in.  Used over the top of the swim pants, the Splash About Happy Nappy is fits more snug to the skin and ensures a no leak fit.

Happy Nappy

A UV Swimsuit

This is especially important if you are swimming outdoors or visiting the beach.  But indoors, it does have the benefit of keeping your baby warm.

Platypus Australia sent us this stunning UV sunsuit and UV hat for Comma to try out while we were on holiday, unfortunately we didn’t get to use it because it arrived 10 minutes after we left the house. I was gutted when we returned home to see it waiting.


The UV sunsuit is relatively hassle-free to get on with the front zipper, so long as Comma decides to cooperate.  Nappy changes are also a breeze with the press studs (yay, no awkward getting the whole suit of malarky!).  It has a sun protection of 50+ which is perfect for Comma’s sensitive skin and means that I can relax a little while outdoors.  The matching hat has handy straps to tie under my little monkey’s chin so he should be able to keep it on longer (although he isn’t Houdini yet, thankfully!).

The Platypus Australia UV Sun Suit looks amazing,fits lovely, is comfortable and is a definite MUST HAVE for swimming!   We will certainly be using it on any trips to the beach we make this summer.