Holiday Fun – Cornwall

Holiday Fun – Cornwall

With the exception of our honeymoon last September, we haven’t been on a family holiday in 3 years. Last week was spent down in Cornwall. A place I had never previously visited (although I was adamant I had been there) and I have always been drawn to the area since childhood.  It was a special holiday for a number of reasons.

Firstly it was Comma’s first family holiday… The first family holiday is one hubby and I will remember. Comma may not, but I certainly will.

It was the first family holiday in 3 years (aside from the honeymoon) and our last one was wet and miserable… Oh, and Princess Pants burnt her hand on my straighteners.

It was our first visit to Cornwall which, I admit, made me feel a little homesick as I didn’t really know the area and everything was so unfamiliar (but the A30 is absolutely awesome). Most importantly, we survived.

Finally, I even got the opportunity to visit some graveyards. Yes, I dragged my children around Church Graveyards looking for the names of my Cornish ancestors.

Now we are home, I am able to truly digest and reflect on our holiday. I’m remembering the little things (playing board games, teaching Princess Pants to swim, Comma falling asleep in the swimming pool, Hayle’s beautiful beach).

Cornwall is an incredibly beautiful place and I have fallen in love with the Cornish countryside and beaches.  It has captured my heart, and I have already placed the order with hubby that we WILL be retiring there (or at least buy a static caravan and home it somewhere in the county).

There are plenty of aspects of our holiday I want to write about so keep your eyes peeled.