Babywearing – It’s addictive!

Babywearing – It’s addictive!

I have a confession.

I love Babywearing.

We have used a stretchy wrap since Comma was a few weeks old. We haven’t used it to its full potential because I’ve lacked a lot of confidence with it, and I didn’t really like the idea of tying it around me and then putting him in.

The other day, though, I mastered the Front Wrap Cross Carry with it and both of us were happier and more comfortable.


I ventured onto the World Wide Web and decided that it was high time I invested in something a little more versatile and suitable for a 24lb Comma.

A friend directed me to Love to be Natural, with a recommendation of Girasol or Kokadi woven wrap.  I was immediately awestruck.  They were all so beautiful.  There is such a huge range of Woven wraps available, and a whole world of shopping I didn’t truly know existed.

It was a hard decision… but after much deliberation decided on the Girasol Zunil.

I waited with baited breath; in fact the closer the time came for our post to arrive, the more excited I became.

The moment came… I had to struggle to sign the postman’s PDA thingy (although that may have been down to the wriggling baby in my arms who was most put out that I had taken his bottle off him); continue feeding Comma (which seemed to take forever); and fight to stop Princess Pants opening it for me before I could take great pleasure in my tentative unwrapping and excited oohing.

The stock photographs didn’t do it justice and my own even less so.  My first wrap with it was successful (Comma didn’t fall out) but messy.


I’m busy looking at tutorials for various carries.  I can’t wait to grow my confidence and try out a wider variety of carries now.