A200 – Results time

A200 – Results time

I haven’t spoken about A200 very much.  Maybe because I can’t say I really enjoyed it.  There were parts that I really got into (Slavery and Freedom) but overall I found the whole process of studying A200 stressful.

I didn’t cope very well from the start… I was pregnant, struggling with school runs and feeling overwhelmed in general with life.  I almost deferred so many times but ended up feeling determined to continue.

The arrival of Baby Comma at the beginning of March just added more stress.  I struggled until the end of April with breastfeeding; I failed to submit TMA05, and by the time TMA06 came around in early May I had lost the will to live with it and only submitted an essay plan.

I posted before the exam that I had admitted defeat.  I no longer wanted to try.  I didn’t revise for said exam.  The morning of the exam I had a bit of a breakdown while at Baby Clinic getting Comma weighed.  And now the results are in…

The moment I waited for the A200 Module Results page to load was the longest moment of my life… then I saw this:


grade 3

Grade 3 Pass… A grade fucking 3 pass… I passed… Not only did I pass but I got a better pass than the grade 4 I was expecting.  I couldn’t believe it; I shouted; I screamed; I sobbed hysterically.  I frightened the hubby; I amused the children.  But, I didn’t care…

I’m over the moon with my comfortable grade 3 pass.  I do need to work harder on my next 3 modules but as my Mum said, I did it! With all the stress I’ve been under, and sitting an exam with PND (diagnosed but not medicated), I still did it! I wonder what I could have done if I had revised… but I’m also not going to dwell on that!

I PASSED A200… I can burn Wallace… I can put it to bed and I can get on with thinking about A218!