Getting back on the horse… Weight Loss 2014 Challenge

Getting back on the horse… Weight Loss 2014 Challenge

I need to get back on the horse… the weight loss horse that is…

It’s almost a year since I ended my Wedding Weight Loss Challenge… I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to for my wedding and also didn’t maintain my weight throughout my pregnancy…

Now, I am hovering between 19st 3lb and 19st 8lb and it makes me sad… Sad that I don’t have the motivation to lose the weight I have gained; sad that I put the weight on in the first place and sad that I’m sad over these two things.  I did so bloody well and then I screw it all up over the course of 8 months by forgetting all the good habits I had learned in the preceding 6 months.

Comma is now almost 3 months old and I have made no dent in the lbs to lose but appear to be going in the opposite direction.

So, as of Monday, I am starting the Weight Loss 2014 Challenge.  There are 30 weeks left of 2014 and my challenge is to lose 50lb by the 29th December 2014. 

In preparation for Monday, I am setting myself a few little goals to get myself squared away over the weekend…

  1. Write a meal plan… before Monday.
  2. Check out the Weight Watchers App again for awesome recipes and practice logging over the weekend.
  3. Actually remember to jump on the scales.
  4. Drink some more water.
  5. Think positive… I can shift this weight.

The fifth one is the most important… if I can’t think positive about it I will never do it.

Who is with me?