Comma’s Birth Story

Comma’s Birth Story

My due date came and went… and with each passing day my homebirth got further away.  I was booked in for an induction on Wednesday 5th March at 3pm and was 12 days passed due date.

I turned up and was put on the monitor and was getting some minor irregular contractions.  The midwife inserted the Propess at 6.20 and left me on the monitor “for another 20 minutes”.  I was still on it at 8pm… for no other reason than they had handover.  I still hadn’t eaten by this point and I was tired and emotional.  I left the ward and wandered around with hubby and Mum until about 10.30 when I told them both to go home.

That night was long… I made Jim promise to be back before 9am so I wasn’t on my own any longer than necessary. I missed breakfast because I was strapped to the monitor from 7 until 10… A woman did come in asking if we’d all had breakfast and did nothing despite me saying no.  I was in bits… I spent the day away from the ward only coming back around 5.30 for dinner, to have the Propess removed and be hooked up for monitoring.

6.30pm on Thursday I removed the Propess but I still wasn’t getting any regular contractions or anything I can definitely say was labour.

After yet another 2 yearlong handover I had a midwife I hadn’t yet met and she ended up bearing the brunt of my frustrations and having a mouthful off me… because nobody had explained anything to me up to this point and that when the Propess had been put in I wasn’t as favourable as I was led to believe. I managed to calm down enough to explain the flaws in my care over the last few weeks with the help of Mum and Jim. When I got to the part about the sweep not working she said if it doesn’t hurt it hasn’t been done right. (Exactly what I’ve said).

She did my internal, said there was no way I needed the prostaglandin (?) And offered me a sweep… by which point I could have kissed her and told her to make sure it hurt… lol… it did… she booked me in to have my waters broken but that wouldn’t happen until Friday, I was disappointed but could also see light at the end of the tunnel. So decided to walk… and walk I did. 🙂

My contractions started thick and fast and were 2-4 minutes apart. By 11 I had lost my plug and was starting to get excited. However an internal at 11.30 said I was the same as I was 3 hours earlier.  I was disappointed but carried on.

At 00.30 the contractions slowed and i was tired so me, hubby and mum held a team meeting and decided home was the best place for them and bed was the best place for me but I was to call them if anything changed.

I started to struggle with the irregular contractions and was quite uncomfortable around 2.30am and was given 2 cocodamol. I slept between contractions, visited the toilet frequently and breathed my way through contractions until 5.25 when I had the mother of them all and decided to ask for pethidine because I couldn’t take much more if I was in for the long haul…

As I stood up, my waters broke followed by the urge to push… I panicked, pressed the button and cried. (The timings that follow are what I’ve discovered since (with the help of my phone and others… I wasn’t actually conscious of them)

5.30 – I was 8cm and phoning hubby… no answer… phoned my mam so I knew someone was on their way…

5.32 – Taken to delivery suite and successfully managed to wake Jim. I had already made the decision to push when I had the urge regardless of if anyone made it.

6.03 – Comma’s heart rate started to drop and midwife advised we should push.

6.04 – started pushing.. hubby arrived.

6.06 – Comma was born with the cord wrapped around his neck and under both arms.  He was blue due to the quick delivery and cord.

I have no idea when my placenta delivered all I know is that I physically pushed it out because the cord threatened to snap…

It wasn’t the homebirth I wanted to have BUT in the end it was as good as… one midwife present at delivery, no intervention and 2 cocodamol as pain relief…

My mum completely missed the birth which she is still coming to terms with…

Baby Comma
7th March 2014
8lb 7oz