Baby Comma has arrived!

I’ve not posted anything for quite some time – the reason… I’ve been getting to know my newborn and even now I’m using my phone while I feed the little man.

Baby Comma arrived safely into the world on 7th March, at 6.06am. 
He was 14 days “late” but did not appear to be late.
He weighed a rather small 8lb 7oz (when compared with my 9lb 1oz Princess Pants).
He wasn’t too keen to begin his arrival but when he was ready he stunned us all…
I didn’t get to have the homebirth I had been imagining… in fact the whole experience except the last 45 minutes was horrendous and the health board will be receiving a long winded complaint about the care or lack of care I actually received.

But nevertheless,  my boy is here safe. We all adore him but I still have to come to terms with my experience.