A letter to bump – 29 weeks

A letter to bump – 29 weeks

Baby Comma,

There are only 11 weeks until our due date.  I can assure you this pregnancy is flying by; however, I am not allowing myself to think about your arrival until the Christmas festivities are over with.

At 29 weeks pregnant I am feeling tired and drained but also so excited that we will be meeting you before we know it.  The PGP (pelvic girdle pain) has started to flare up, particularly in the morning after waking up.  Although I am sure that it is not helped by the lack of a proper bed at the moment.  We are currently sleeping on a mattress on the floor, after the frame collapsed the other night. There are ways to work through the pain but it is a little bit crippling on the school run to say the least.

My bump is growing nicely now, and measuring a week ahead but this doesn’t concern me too much. The last bump picture I took was at 26+1 weeks.


It was looking considerably bump like and the top doesn’t quite fit me anymore.

I am feeling you wriggling considerably more now than previously… but you did give us a scare earlier this week because you decided to have a quiet 24 hours.  We headed off to Day Assessment to be monitored and within half an hour you decided to rearrange the furniture… Relief all round.

You are around 17 inches long at the moment and weigh over 2.5lb… It is quite crazy that my tummy is home to something so large…. Looking at myself, I can’t quite comprehend it…

We are now on fortnightly midwife visits ready to prepare for our homebirth… I’m a little apprehensive but a little excited too… There are reasons for me wanting the homebirth (just in case you arrive quicker than your brother and sister did) but I am still kind of half and half…

Hopefully, this week I’ll be able to write a little more about our homebirth plans, and other matters relating to our pregnancy, but for now I’m sending you love and squishes, Comma.


Mummy xxxx