Which Leapfrog toys are on your Christmas list this year?

Which Leapfrog toys are on your Christmas list this year?

6 weeks tomorrow, a jolly man with a white beard and dressed in red will be arriving down our chimneys and I am currently dealing with endless questions about how he will get into our house considering we have no fire place… and why do we let a stranger into the house on one night of the year.  However, there seems to be a significant lack of “I want, I want, I want”.  While I am grateful for this, I am finding it difficult to buy my children anything… but I do have some awesome little Leapfrog toys that should be on your child’s Christmas list…

Leapfrog’s Scribble and Write is a very cool EDUCATIONAL toy, if I am qualified to say!  I may not be a child and I do already know how to write (apparently), but I wish I had one of these when I was a little one.
It teaches you your child to form written letters, both upper and lower case, as well as numbers correctly.  It provides you your child with step-by-step guidance and is definitely a hit… I will admit, I have spent quite some time learning my letters recently.
This isn’t all it does though; in true Leapfrog style, the Scribble and Write also helps to learn letter sounds, counting and plenty of other awesome things.

LearningToys.Par.69175.Image.350Next, we tried out Learn to Write with Mr Pencil.  We haven’t really played with this at length… Princess Pants was more interested in playing with the Creativity Camera (see below).
Mr Pencil works with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch by downloading the app.  Like the Scribble and Write, it teaches your child to form written letters and numbers.  There are also a number of other activities and games to play.
The only criticism I can think of about this app is that, albeit you are only paying £14.99 for Mr. Pencil… by the time you add in the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch you are effectively turning it into a £400 toy…  however, this is not a problem if you normally let your child(ren) play with you Apple device.

LearningToys.Par.91444.Image.350Finally, the favourite of the bunch was the Creativity Camera… Princess Pants is into her photography and this is perfect; however, like Mr Pencil, a £14.99 toy is turned into a £400+ toy with the addition of an iPod Touch or iPhone 4S & newer.
The Creativity Camera is a protective case for your iPhone or iPod Touch and you can download the official app to take fantastically fun photographs. The case protects the iPhone or iPod completely and there is even a protective screen that covers the screen of your device.
The app in itself is easy to use and has a little game that Princess Pants loves; however, the app does tend to freeze and I had to completely close the app before it would work again.  I also cannot work out how to store the images on the device memory… so if anyone has figured it out please let me know.

Altogether, these three Leapfrog toys will make awesome, educational Christmas presents this year… are they on your list?

**Images will be added once I get around to locating my camera cable**