The Wedding Ceremony

I always thought the bride was supposed to be late for her wedding… but alas me being me arrived at 2.55pm and ran into the latecomers as my dress was being tightened up.  I will remember those five minutes forever with Princess Pants swinging her posy and me stressing about being late… I think the photographers even got a few shots of it.

Before I knew it though, the guests were being asked to stand and it was my time to walk down the aisle.  Even as I’m typing now, my eyes are streaming with tears.  It was the most emotional experience I have ever had (right up there with giving birth).  My Dad said I was acting like I did when we were queuing for Oblivion as a tween/young teen.  I even think I walked down the aisle with my bouquet in front of my face… Oops, I was crying my eyes out though.

The worst thing is, almost four weeks on, I can’t remember looking at hubby for the first time.  I remember being very very very very nervous though.

The service was beautiful (what I can remember of it anyway), we had a quartet of female vocalists (girls I grew up with) who apparently sang beautifully (I don’t doubt it).

IMG_4255The most memorable moment for me was listening to hubby say his vows… and looking at his face.  His voice was commanding; he made sure that his voice hit the rafters… unlike my squeak.  He made sure that everyone knew he meant them… I don’t think mine had the same effect.

The second most memorable moment for us both is the moment we looked at each other, and panicked he said, “Am I allowed to kiss you?”… The vicar had forgotten to say he could kiss me.  Hubby was mortified and did actually get to kiss me in the end.

It was the longest but shortest hour of my life and I wish I could go back and experience it all again… only as a spectator.