What are you doing for Halloween?

What are you doing for Halloween?

This is a PR Collaboration!

With Halloween just around the corner, our plans are already well in place.  Originally, I wanted to put on a huge Halloween party but with our current circumstances, I’m going with our closest friends popping around for a bite of pumpkin soup (can you actually get a bite of pumpkin soup) and some Devilled Eyes and maybe a worm cake or two…

Planning the evening is the easy thing… We need to decorate the house.  We need to make it really spooky and scary.  Now, this is generally the last thing I finish but the first thing I think about.  I want (note the word ‘want’) one of those talking witch statues, and a few skeletons will be cool too, but we are planning this party on a budget.  So I will have to stick with cobwebs, spiders, bats and pumpkins scattered around our hallway and living room.


The menu is next on my list of things to plan… As much as I love pumpkin soup, I don’t think everyone shares my enthusiasm for that orangey pumpkiny goodness.  So as well as pumpkin soup I am going to need alternatives… bat sandwiches could be a winner (no, you won’t be eating bats but they will be cut into the shape of bats).  The menu will be written in the next few days… honestly.

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The most important thing though is something I haven’t mentioned yet… the costumes.  This is always a hard one… not just trying to decide what to wear but then actually going out and buying it.  Boyo and Princess Pants always struggle when deciding but I’m thinking that maybe we can get some help from Fancy Dress Ball’s top costumes list this year.  I still like seeing them as a skeleton and pumpkin witch but I would…

Halloween is always an exciting one for the littlies and the worm cakes and bat sandwiches always go down an absolute treat.

What are your plans this Halloween?