Guest Post: What Would You Put In Room 101?

Guest Post: What Would You Put In Room 101?

Programme Title: Room 101Unfortunately Room 101 is a fictitious place, a room discussed in jest, a figment of our imagination. If it were real, I expect it would be dark, with pin hole lighting and damp stains in the corners from water running down the wall every so often. For any person in the room, it certainly would not be comfy, as the floor is cobbled. The door to the room would be impenetrable – think Fort Knox, on a room filled with everything you dislike. Hidden away for eternity, never to fall under your gaze ever, ever again.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

So… you have the golden opportunity to choose three things to place in the room. Think about how enriched your life would be without three certain things, objects, tangible and intangible items… what do you choose?

For me it would simply be… (after a lot of consideration obviously!)

* Celery – my number 1. food hate. How is this even a vegetable? It is beyond hideous! Even the smell, let alone the taste can turn my stomach upside down and put me off a perfectly good meal. Oh yes, this ‘thing’ when cut up and mixed in with food, no matter how small, is evil…. pure evil I tell you!

* People who drive German cars – now I am not one to stereotype but have you ever noticed how the worst drivers on the road tend to be in German cars? I am talking about YOU, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW drivers! Not knowing how a roundabout works, not indicating, cutting people up, tailgating… you name it… you will generally find the person is in a German car. Honestly, next time you are out on the roads, check for yourself… I am not wrong, I promise!

* Men – not the whole population obviously, there are some decent blokes out there! Somewhere… it is just ridiculously hard to find one. A man who has no agenda, who simply is a ‘What you see is what you get’ type of guy. One who doesn’t lie, says exactly what he means, doesn’t leave you high and dry wondering exactly what he means and is just… well… there.

Well, there you go folks! There you have my top 3 inclusions into Room 101… now, would you put in yours? Ever had any thoughts on what it would look like?

A guest post brought to you by a wonderful friend, who clearly has a lot to say on the subject of Room 101!