School’s out, no plans? Time for a holiday!

School’s out, no plans? Time for a holiday!

We all know how it feels to be stuck at home in the holidays with nothing to do; how boring the holidays can be and how long a week can seem. This is the problem we had last year when my two children were off for October half-term and we spent most of it at home. Not the most exciting of half-term holidays, as you can imagine. That’s why this year we’ve decided to do something really special and spend October half-term on a holiday park.

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking – aren’t holiday parks all closed in the autumn? Well, no actually. The holiday park season runs from March until November so the October half-term holidays are the perfect opportunity to pack in one last getaway before the season’s over. And this is exactly what we want – a last chance to squeeze as much fun out of the year as possible before the winter sets in.

We also don’t want a holiday that’s going to break the bank, so that’s the main reason we decided to stay in the UK and not go abroad. October’s not too long after the summer holidays and only a few months before Christmas after all. That’s why we decided to ask a few friends if they’d been anywhere particularly good in the UK for October half-term and someone suggested looking at North Wales.

The region is supposed to look beautiful in the autumn with the colours changing and leaves crunching underfoot and with Halloween fast-approaching, there’ll also be plenty of spooky, Halloween activities to keep your kids entertained. Plus, a short break in England doesn’t have to cost a fortune – a holiday at Presthaven Sands, for example, can cost as little as £149.

On the Haven website it was easy to find a deal to suit us; we just had to select North Wales on the map and fill in a few criteria about how many of us there were and how long we wanted to stay. After that the magic behind the Haven website compared all the available deals for us.


Once we’d found the right deal for us, it was time to decide what we’re going to do when we’re there. We’ve always heard that the best bit about staying on a holiday park is often the park itself as there’s so much to do. And we have a feeling that Haven will really go to town on Halloween, which makes it even more exciting for the kids.

From Halloween shows to spooky sand art and a character pumpkin parade, we’re fully expecting to get swept up in Haven’s celebration of the spookiest holiday of the year. We’re also looking forward to having a go at the special Halloween-themed ‘Name that Tune’ game. Nothing makes a good holiday story like a little bit of harmless competition between family members and if anyone misbehaves I’ll be sending them straight to a game of gunge roulette.

Since we’re going to Haven, we’re not even worried about the weather ruining our plans like it often can at this time of year. There seems to be such a big variety of activities on offer that if it starts to drizzle, we’ll simple move the party inside. Splashing around in the pool is usually a big part of any holiday we go on, but swimming in an outdoor pool in the UK in October would be quite optimistic. That’s why it’s so great for us that Haven has heated indoor pools too; so whatever the weather throws at us, we can still have a great holiday.