The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 23

10th June 2013

It’s been a little while since I wrote about how my wedding weight loss is going… and it’s ummmm… well…. Errrr… Going… I guess.

I’m still following WW, albeit not religiously and I’m still chipping away at the excess weight.  It isn’t coming off as quickly as I would like but it is coming off… it is my own fault anyway, I keep stuffing my face (and the wine probably isn’t helping much either!).

Despite the lack of a considerable weight loss over the last month, I got a cheap thrill earlier today.  I walked into Peacocks and walked out with a bag full of clothes… for me!!  I don’t know if you understand the sort of thrill I got being able to do that.  I haven’t been able to shop in ‘regular’ shops and buy ‘regular’ clothes for 9 years.  It was a wonderful experience.

Since my last post, 3 weeks ago, I have yo-yo’d quite a bit.  I’ve been down to 17st 4.4lb and back up to 17st 12lb… but now my stats are:

WEIGHT: 17st 5lb (110.2kg)
CHANGE: -1.8lb (0.8kg)
TOTAL LOST: 33lb   (15kg)

Not bad, but not great either… It is still coming off though.

I need to get my arse into a size 18 within the next few weeks… Even though that will mean my beautiful dresses will be too big for me.  (Did I tell you I also bought myself some new shoes?)

Oooh, I have also taken this months weight loss pictures….

3rd Jan & 9th Jun

6 - 0301and0906front

6 - 0301and0906side

30th April & 9th June

6 - 3004and0906front

6 - 3004and0906side

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