+1 for Boots, -1 for Zapf Creation’s Baby Annabell

20th June 2013

For Christmas Princess Pants had a Baby Annabell.  I couldn’t wait; a lifelike doll that cries real tears; makes lifelike noises; and really drinks.  However, Christmas afternoon I was sorely disappointed, she started sucking her dummy even when it wasn’t in her mouth.  Even taking the batteries out and replacing them didn’t solve the problem.

9am Boxing Day found me on the phone to a number of Boots stores attempting to find one in stock.  None of our local stores stock Baby Annabell, so I was on the phone to Boots.com customer service by ten past.

Boots were fantastic!  I was concerned about the fact I bought Baby Annabell in October and there would be problems but they immediately arranged for a new one to be sent out, and once I’d received the new one I could send the broken one back!  Not only that but they phoned me back 10 minutes after our conversation ended to say that it would be sent out for NEXT DAY DELIVERY!!! Awesome!

However, on the receiving the second Baby Annabell, I was still disappointed.

Baby Annabell feels like a real baby and has real baby weight but that is where the similarities end.

She does suck her dummy but you have to put it in her mouth just right and this is too frustrating for a 3 year old to figure out.  Even I have to attempt it several times.

She sucks her bottle and drinks water but again the bottle has to be put in the mouth.

She doesn’t respond to her forehead being stroked as it states in the instruction booklet; apparently it soothes her, nope, nothing.

As soon as Princess Pants lays her down she falls asleep.  This means that even when Baby Annabell is being played with on PP’s lap, she falls asleep.  I don’t know about your toddler but mine doesn’t like a sleeping baby doll.  (Unless she’s being told off for something then we get “Sshh, Baby’s sleeping!”).

So, all in all, I believe that Baby Annabell was an epic waste of money and I would have preferred to spend the money on a baby that doesn’t claim to sing and dance (metaphorically speaking).  It would have been cheaper too!!


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