We love walks in the parks…

We love walks in the parks…

As a family there is nothing better than taking our legs out for a walk and exploring the fields, woodlands and parklands around our home.  These walks are enjoyable regardless of the weather, but are obviously better when it is dry.

ckandmm1Back in February, we took a walk to Caldicot Castle one Sunday afternoon.  It was only a few days after the snowfall that brought our lives to a halt and the fields were still flooded thanks to the melting snow and the rain that followed the snow. Normally, we walk a well worn path around the outside of the castle moat, but on this occasion were stopped in our tracks.  The usual path through the conservation area was completely blocked by the swollen pond.

All was not lost, however, because the swans had already figured out that if they wanted feeding they would have to come to the fence.  We practically had the feeding out of our hands.  It’s such a magic moment when you see a swan that close.  They are amazing and graceful creatures despite how nervous they make me feel.  (Have you not seen the size on their beaks?)

ckandmm2We spent a good half hour admiring the beauty of the swans before turning our attention to our second favourite activity at the castle… a walk through the “scary forest” and across the “troll bridge”. This is always the point where I witness my favourite magic moment… the love between our children.  Before they run in the great outdoors.

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