The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 13 lacking a Meal Plan Monday

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 13 lacking a Meal Plan Monday

Oh dear, another week over with the weight loss challenge and it was, as expected, a tough one!  However, it wasn’t chocolate related.

Boyo and Princess Pants stayed with Nanny and Pappy over the weekend which meant that we had an adult only weekend… This meant decorating and eating lovely meals and generally spending time together… We ate KFC, Curry and McDonalds… Today, I topped it off with a trip to a lovely restaurant with one of my oldest friends and ate huge amounts of food – but by this point I had already weighed in.

896279_10151565581586180_1655251068_oBecause of this, I’m going to motivate myself by looking back at my weight loss journey in March, but first, I need to confess the stats:

WEIGHT: 17st 12.6lb
CHANGE: +2.2lb
TOTAL LOST: 25.4lb
BMI: 39.15

So there’s my sins confessed.  I know where the weight came from, I know how to put it right, so I’m refusing to dwell on it too long!

Let us now look at the success story from March!

Total weight lost in March was 8.2lb.  Not a huge amount but it was over half a stone!


  1. I was able to establish where I was going wrong… and it was all my own fault.
  2. I still lost weight despite over-indulging on Mother’s day.
  3. I have less than 9” to lose from my waist to fit into my wedding dress.
  4. I dropped another dress size.
  5. I dropped safely into the 17’s….


  1. I had a few weeks where I lost less weight than I would have hoped.
  2. I still failed to do the Shred.
  3. I indulged in numerous Penguin bars after an argument with hubby-to-be.

So 5 positives vs 3 not so positives means it isn’t all bad!

I can only move on from here and I’m going to set myself 3 goals (1 weight related, 1 food related and 1 exercise related) for this week, to help me on my way to a skinny me.

  1. WEIGHT – Lose the 2.2lb gained this week.
  2. FOOD – Drink at least 3 pints of water a day.
  3. EXERCISE – Walk the equivalent of 15 miles this week.

Oh, and by the way, I’m not Meal Planning this Monday!