The first of many Magic Moments….

The first of many Magic Moments….

hubbytobeandmeYesterday, Hubby-to-be celebrated his birthday and we had a lovely day.  We have spent our years together in a whirlwind of love, pregnancy, babies and stresses.  When we met, he was a totally different man to the one you see today; he found emotional relationships difficult and couldn’t understand PDA’s (Public displays of affection if you didn’t know!).

Our first few weeks together were spent getting to know each other, we would be found sat on the sofa, talking; going for a drive in the old MK3 Astra and we would cwtch together at the end of the day and talk about anything and everything.

It was a fair few weeks when we were lying in bed, discussing the day’s events and I started to doze off.  Without realising and with my guard down, I created the awkward moment by murmuring “I love you.”  There was silence, and after an eternity (at least that was what it felt like) I heard “and I think I love you too.”

That night I went to sleep with the biggest grin on my face; it might have only been a “I think I love you”.  But for those words to come out of his mouth and for them to be aimed at me, it really was the first of the many Magic Moments of our relationship.

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