Project 365 – Days 97-103

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This week’s Project 365 should contain my favourite photo of the week.  The one that is the epitome of our week; however, due to circumstances beyond my control I’m unable to say much about it yet…  I also must put more effort into visiting everyone else’s project 365 this week.  With my assignment due this week and little time to myself I’ve been choosing to read books when I’m relaxing, not blogs… This week I will make the effort to catch up with blogs!

Day 97 – PP realised that the snails needed to go back to Meithrin on Monday so spent most of Sunday looking at them, and making sure they were okay.  They even got to FaceTime with Sim and Liv.  They didn’t have much to say though.  Our Sunday was a day spent chilling out and unwinding ready for school on Monday.

Day 98 – The excitement of going back to school was too much for Boyo and he ended up running around like a headless chicken.  It resulted in this photograph.  He ended up having a great first day back at school and came home a happy boy.

Day 99 – Hubby-to-be acquired another car… This time a VW Passat and he’s spent much of the week prettying it up. I’ve now had to reign in his impulses because he was looking for new alloys, new this and new that for it… It’s being sold on at the end of it! :s

Day 100 – Princess Pants had her MMR and pre-school boosters on Wednesday; after which we needed to take Boyo to buy some new school shoes and PP also needed some new playing shoes.  While we were there, I took advantage of the shopping trip to spend some time buying myself some new clothes… I found these wellies, and I had to buy them, didn’t I?

Day 101 – The picture is ready to become a mural on Boyo’s wall.

Day 102 – Princess Pants required a ribbon in her hair and a ribbon is what she got!

Day 103 – Yesterday, we had a very special activity to complete.  I can’t say too much about it as yet but the children were so excited and couldn’t wait to get there.  We had a fabulous day and I cannot wait to announce the exciting news!!!