Project 365 ~ Days 90-96 ~ My week that was

Another week of 2013 over with (almost), which can only mean one thing; another week of Project 365 and another week that was!

This week has been the final week of the Easter Holidays and I’m feeling a little bit ‘meh’ about Monday to be honest.  But enough of that… let’s get on to my week that was.

Day 90 – We visited Tredegar House for National Trust Wales’ (in association with Cadbury) Easter Egg Trail.  The children (and the adults) had a great time.  Tredegar House is a completely child-friendly location and a fabulous day out.  Our day at Tredegar House was the highlight of our Easter.

Day 91 – Hubby-to-be was back in work after a lovely weekend off, so the children and I headed to Penarth for a day out with a very good friend and her family.  It was a lovely day and the restaurant we visited even had free wifi, meaning Boyo was kept very happy.

Day 92 – Tuesday was the start of hubby-to-be’s birthday days off and we spent the day reorganising the broken filing boxes into our big black metal one.  We came across so many memories that made me teary… particularly the scan photo of Princess Pants, taken just 3 hours and 15 minutes before she arrived.  I still can’t get over that the scan portrayed her so well…

Day 93 – Hubby-to-be’s birthday meant a day of chilling out and relaxing with the old man.  😉 Until the doorbell went and the course materials were delivered… This means that I have less than a month until the next course starts… Wish me luck…

Day 94 – As you may remember from last week, the Meithrin snails are visiting our house until Monday…  On Thursday, given that the one hadn’t moved for days, I decided to bite the bullet and give them cwtches… umm… well… kinda…  They are actually quite fascinating and it is actually sitting in my hand in the photograph.  I shan’t be rushing out to buy myself one though.

Day 95 – Princess Pants made the most of the dry day and decided to go out to play in the garden.  She barely had time to put her knickers on before rushing out through the open door…

Day 96 – As part of their Easter present off Nanny and Pappy, we went to see a Pantomime.. I chose this photo because their faces are so expressive and it never fails to amaze me when I get that huge rush of love when I look at them!


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