#MagicMoments – I need a pooooooooo!

#MagicMoments – I need a pooooooooo!

7.5 years ago, I experienced a wonderful magic moment… I became a Mummy.  My little boy was born and changed my life forever.

I had a relatively easy pregnancy; I worked until 6 days before my due date and ended up hanging around for the next 11 days waiting for my baby to decide he/she was ready.

gAfter dinner on Friday 12th August 2005, we were about to watch Men in Black, when the pains started.  I walked miles… laughed a lot… and had no idea what I’d let myself in for.

By 9.30, we were calling my Godmother, a trained midwife, for advice.  The pains started to come more regular and we made the decision to go to the maternity ward, we picked my Godmother up on the way and I felt every bump in the car.

On our arrival we were settled down and at 11.30pm, I was checked and was only 3cm dilated…  They decided to keep me in regardless and said they would come back in 4 hours’ time.  I whiled away the next four hours (trying to) convince everyone there were butterflies in the room and you could buy gas and air at nightclubs (I still don’t know if this one is true!).  Four hours seemed to last an eternity.

Finally though, at 3.30am I was examined and found to be…. Four centimetres.  Established labour had arrived… but I was still hours from the end result.

So, picture this, a woman in labour sat on the toilet trying to poo, at 3.50am, when she starts vomiting… yep, that was me.  Not my most graceful moment.  When the vomiting subsided, the midwife tried to insert a pessary… again not an attractive sight, when I suddenly had this insane urge to poo… and bolted for the toilet where I was given Pethidine.

After a few minutes my Mum asks, “Are you pushing?” To which I replied, “No, I neeeeeed a pooooooooo!”

My Mum wasn’t convinced and told the midwife I was pushing… she checked and, sure enough, there was a head.

I can’t really remember the following events clearly, except that even now my Godmother laughs that she’s never seen a woman with a head between her legs move so quickly.  I was rushed down to the Delivery Suite (because I was considered high risk) and had people shouting at me not to push.

mengWe made it anyway, and at 4.16am on 13th August 2005, my gorgeous baby boy arrived… Healthy and alert.

With one look at my boy, my life changed forever.  This is still one of the biggest #MagicMoments of my entire life!

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