The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 12 (& Meal Plan Monday)

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 12 (& Meal Plan Monday)

While I think about it: you can now view all my weight loss pictures here: Weight Loss Pictures

This past week has been a strange one, I’ve been trying to keep on top of my eating habits, but many a chocolate bar and many a crisp has passed through my lips.  However, the weight is still coming off, so I must be doing something right.  I’ve also had another clear out of my clothes and I now own 1 pair of jeans, a handful of tops, 1 jacket, 2 hoodies and a dress that actually fit me.  It doesn’t give me a lot of choices as far as clothes actually go but there is little point buying too many new clothes at the moment.

So onto the results: (drum roll please)

WEIGHT: 17st 10.4lb
CHANGE: -3.4lb
TOTAL: -27.6lb

(Now for a severe anti-climax)

I am 0.4lb away from 2st lost… it’s such a shame that 0.4lb hung around… Ah, well, I’m safely in the 17’s… and that’s what I really wanted… Bloody ½lb.  Really?  It will be hopefully be gone by the next weigh in!

The Easter holidays are now in full swing and our house is soon going to be crammed with oodles of chocolate, which probably means my weight loss isn’t going to go so well over the next fortnight unless I can locate some serious self-control, on the plus side I’ve been reading an article by Weight Watchers on how to keep losing weight over Easter and I’m really only hoping to get through Easter without gaining weight.

The potential saboteurs of your weight loss are you (twice), your children and friends and family… how?

  • Don’t get taken in by the BOGOF deals in the supermarket – I have to be honest; I’ve been very very very good this year.  I’ve not even looked at an Easter egg while in any shop.  My Ocado delivery is arriving this morning and will contain the children’s Easter treats for the hunt that the Easter bunny will leave for them.
  • Don’t eat all the eggs in sight because you feel you deserve a treat – This one rings so true with me.  I do deserve a treat for one reason or another, however once I start on the chocolate I pig out!  I must remember not to do this and exercise some self-control.
  • Ask your children to hide their Easter chocolate – This is one I am going to be doing.  The children take forever to eat their eggs, and I know that once they go to bed, if the eggs are in sight one will jump into my hand and unwrap itself… and finish up by jumping into my mouth.  If, however, the children hide them away out of sight, they won’t be able to make me eat them.
  • Share out any unexpected Easter chocolate – I normally don’t get given Easter eggs by anybody, in fact quite the opposite.  As a result though, if I do end up with one I will eat it to make it go away and I must be a little more prepared to either share the chocolate with everyone else or divide it up into low point portions.

Hopefully, with these in mind I will get through this fortnight and lose more weight, and hopefully bash the 2st lost mark (and maybe the 2.5st?  Or is that too much to ask?).

So, along with keeping these points in mind, I’ve also got my meal plan sorted which includes (mostly) healthy meals that should help me keep the weight off if not lose some.  So without further ado, Meal Plan Monday



Yogurt and a banana


Ham salad wrap
BLT wrap


Cottage Pie
Chicken Risotto
Minted lamb chops served with baby new potatoes and veg
Tuna Pasta Bake
Toad in the hole and veggies
Pork Loin and veg