The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 10! (& Meal Plan Monday)

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 10! (& Meal Plan Monday)

Another week down, and finally a decent weight loss! (You will also find my Meal Plan Monday at the end of this post!)

WEIGHT: 18st 0.6lb
CHANGE: -2.8lb
TOTAL: 1st 9.4lb

This week has been great with the healthy eating thing… I’ve eaten fairly well, but also enjoyed my fair share of chocolate.

Yesterday, as it was Mother’s Day, we went out for a meal.  It was a great afternoon.  I indulged in my favourite meal (BBQ Chicken and Bacon Stack), my favourite sides (onion rings and garlic mushrooms), and a wonderful sundae.  I even shared a bottle of Rose wine with my own Mummy!!!

Despite my indulgence, I only used just over 9 of my weekly ProPoints allowance.  How?

My day started at 7am, with a banana which equals zero ProPoints and a cup of coffee (1 PP).  For lunch I then had half a piece of toast with the barest scraping of butter (2 PP).  I had a further 2 cups of tea at the cost of another 2 PP.  By 3pm, I had used up 5 PP.  My dinner and sundae came to 33 PP and the wine 6 PP.  In total, I ate 44 ProPoints.

Admittedly, when I got home I was stuffed and felt that I had over-indulged and jeopardised any chance of losing weight this week.  This was, as Sim says, “diet guilt”.  However, the point was also made that I had a fabulously enjoyable afternoon and the fact that I have still lost weight this week, obviously means that I no longer feel the ‘diet guilt’.

I’ve had two decent walks this week, and have walked a total of 15.35 miles.  Which I don’t think is that bad to be honest.  However, this week is going to be nowhere near as good because it’s so goddamn cold and I. HATE. THE. COLD.  (Yes, I am a baby and roll on bloody summer).  Oh, and my plans for doing the shred still haven’t materialised.  (Oooops).

I need to lose at least 1lb this week because I HAVE to be within the 17’s…. 17st 13.8lb seems so far away right now but in real numbers it is less than 1lb away!  I can do it, I will do it!

This week I’m posting my Meal Plan Monday with my weight loss post… (they are related after all!).

So this coming week I will mostly be eating:


Banana & Yoghurt
Shreddies with milk


Ham Salad Wrap
Egg Salad
BLT Wrap


Lasagne served with Salad
Tuna Pasta Bake (we didn’t have it last week)
Homemade Garlic Chicken Kiev and Homemade Chips
Sausage & Potato Casserole
Beef Roast Dinner

I WILL stick to my meal plans this week unless something disastrous happens!