Project 365 – Days 83-89

I feel I should explain last week’s project 365, because I forgot to write anything… It was quite a difficult week!

Here are the photos to recap:


76 – We attended a Christening/Birthday Party and my two were mighty excited!
77 – I found my engagement ring!
78 – Princess Pants and her bag!
79 – The sweeties for the favour boxes arrived!
80 – A picture of the jeans I wore at Christmas time.
81 – Collecting my new glasses.
82 – Super Princess Pants!

Now on to this weeks:

Day 83 – Hubby-to-be was working so I cooked a mean roast dinner…. Beef… Nom nom nom!
Day 84 – The Littlies created some Easter craft!  Guess who made which one!
Day 85 – Starting to fill the favour boxes!
Day 86 – I walked Princess Pants 2.5miles and she was too tired to cwtch up and slept where she fell!
Day 87 – My two iPad addicts.
Day 88 – Hubby-to-be put together PP’s bed.
Day 89 – We picked the Meithrin’s snails up from a school friend!