#WeddingWednesday – The one with all the plans!

#WeddingWednesday – The one with all the plans!

Last week I was moaning that my wedding plans were lacking in my #WeddingWednesday…. However, this week so much has happened that I doubt I will be able to get it all in.

Next month the invites are going out, they’ve been sat under my stairs since we moved into this house.  They’ve been festering in a box, half-finished and bugging the heck out of me, but I just haven’t wanted to finish them.  Two nights ago, I bit the bullet and got them out, pleasantly surprised to find that there were only 7 left to finish!  They were completed and are now sat in envelopes waiting for the inserts to be fixed.

Two nights ago the inserts were sat in the aforementioned box, blank…. Tonight, they are sat in the aforementioned box, printed!  Along with the printed RSVP cards designed by yours truly (I also cut out 56 of the bloody things!).

So, my friends…. Here are the fruits of my labours!

Then there’s the dress I’ve been eyeing up since I decided on my colour scheme last July.  Yesterday, a spur of the moment purchase saw me order it all the way from California.  It gorgeous and I can totally see Princess Pants in it!


Today, I ordered the craft bits needed for the Order of Service booklets.  Tonight, I’ve decided on the template for the favour boxes and am starting to arrange the goodies to go in them.

Next week will be another busy week on the wedding planning front.

Monday morning we have a meeting with the Reverend to discuss the order of service and Monday afternoon I’m taking a trip to Hobbycraft in order to get some ideas for the flowers, card for the favour boxes and anything else I like the look of!

Wednesday, Hubby-to-be, Best Man and Boyo are going to get measured up for their suits!

Thursday, Hubby-to-be and I are going ring shopping.  😀

So, last week we had no idea whether we were coming, going or been and now we’re flying through the wedding planning and I’m now (yes, only now) getting excited about the prospect of celebrating my wedding and marrying MY man!