The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 7!

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge Week 7!

This last week has been horrendous in terms of healthy eating and mediocre in weight loss.. That being said, I’ve had a fab week in the grand scheme of things!

WEIGHT: 18st 5lb
CHANGE: -0.6lb
TOTAL: 1st 5lb lost

How do I feel this week has gone?

Well, what can I say?  My weight loss last week meant that I dropped a ProPoint (however, I always reduce these further) and this week would have liked to have seen a larger loss.  That being said, I’m happy with 0.6lb off considering everything I ate throughout the week!

Throughout the week we had a Dominos, visited the Harvester and went to McDonald’s.  I don’t think we could have eaten out much more if we’d tried.  Haha.

However, the biggest achievement for me (which shows how much my relationship with food has changed over the last 7 weeks) is that I made my food choices based on how it would affect the number of ProPoints I used.

My Dominos consisted of ¾ of a personal size Pizza with my favourite toppings, a handful of wedges (I gave most of them to the kids) and 3 chicken strippers and a cookie.  I was stuffed and really can’t see how I used to eat anymore before…. If I’m honest I didn’t need the wedges or the strippers or the cookie for that matter. It totalled at 21 ProPoints… That day, I used 36 ProPoints in total.

Our trip to the Harvester was a little impromptu… Hubby-to-be came off a night shift and it was his weekend off… I decided that to celebrate we would head to the Harvester for dinner.  I spent a while discussing the food options with Sim…. We worked out the ProPoint values of my favourite meals.  In the end, I went for my favourite Chicken and Bacon stack (26 ProPoints), and we shared some sides between the four of us.  We had a pile of salad and finished off with sundaes.

McDonald’s was another impromptu visit and I chose my meal appropriately once again.  I chose a medium meal instead of a large, gave Hubby-to-be half of my fries, and replaced my usual milkshake with a diet coke….

As I have already mentioned my relationship with food has changed considerably since I started with Weight Watchers.  I now make my decision based on what is a more healthy option, and do I really need it.  I don’t eat as much with my meals as I used to, I also don’t eat unnecessarily.  I still eat crisps and chocolate but I now eat it in moderation.

The week was crap for exercise but I didn’t expect any difference.  I ordered a pedometer and it arrived late in the week… The number of steps per day were significantly lower than normal because it was half term.

But last week I walked 12,774 steps which is the equivalent of 5.8miles.  In the process I burned 259 calories and 12.9g of fat!  Approximately. 😉

I’m quite excited about this week because I will be completely back on the wagon! 😀