The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 6!

The Wedding Weight Loss Challenge – Week 6!

Last week, I finally lost that first stone on the Weight Loss journey.  I still can’t really see it as a diet because I am able to eat a moderate amount of crap!!! And trust me, this week I’ve needed it!

Weight: 18st 5.6lb
Change: -4lb
Total Weight Lost: 1st 4.4lb

How do I feel this week has gone? 

This week has been an appalling week in all honesty.  I’ve not bothered to track 2 out of the 7 days and I’ve been on a bit of a see food diet.  I have eaten sweet foods, I have eaten crisps and I’ve drunk more coffee than I really should have.  However, I have been mindful of the points values of the crap I have been eating, and I think it shows.  Although, I’m sure the 4lb weight loss has more to do with the fact that a particularly evil period arrived on Saturday and also the tummy bug I had on Thursday/Friday.  Do you know what though, I’ve kind of enjoyed the almost week off…. I must get back to it today, though, because it’s very easy for me to fall off the wagon.

I still am not exercising frequently enough.  I keep thinking that there will be a perfect time here, or that would be a perfect time too… but these ‘perfect times’ never materialize because I discover that there is something mighty pressing that I need to do, for example – housework or studying.  I simply do not enjoy exercise (except walking and the weather has been ultimately shit and I would have to take the kids) therefore, something else is ALWAYS more important.

Last Tuesday, I did take the weight loss photographs, meaning I now have 3 photographs to scrutinize and look for the most miniscule of changes in my body shape and size.  So without further ado, here are the weight loss comparison photographs.

comparison frontwm

comparison sidewm

Left photo : 3rd January 2013 – Start of my journey
Center photo : 19th January 2013 – 9.6lb lost
Right photo : 5th February 2013 – 1st 0.4lb lost

I’m proud as punch of these photographs!  I was slightly disappointed when Sim pointed out that my boobs have shrunk; but I also know that my arse appears to have gone in and up!!!

Over the weekend I read Navel Gazing (review coming soon) and realised that the author, Anne H. Putnam, is around a year older than me.  The book made me wonder if I, too, will dislike my body as it shrinks… Dislike the side effects to losing weight, such as baggy skin that doesn’t fit… However, looking at the photographs, all I see is a body that is looking healthier… Even the single stone has made a HUGE impact on it.  I’m so excited for my next stone!  The chances are that I stand a good chance of accepting the body I will be left with at the end of my journey because I have no expectations…..

Overall, I’ve had a shit week but a good loss so all’s well that ends well!