Project 365 – Days 41-47 – My week that was!

Project 365 – Days 41-47 – My week that was!

Before I start, I will confess.  I missed a day this week.  I can’t even remember what we did on that day… It would seem I didn’t even update Facebook.  The post I published here was my Project 365 post…. It’s baffling really….. So yes, so far I have missed a day… but I’ve been good since…

Day 41 – This is the day that disappeared… I’m not sure when, where, why or how… But it isn’t really that important!

Day 42 – Monday was the start of Daddy’s half term full of night shifts (impeccable timing ay?) and the children were left with a despondent feeling Mammy.  My weigh-in had gone well but the day went downhill from there… By the time Hubby-to-be left for work at 4.50pm, I had made the decision that Boyo should set up the ‘party room’ and we were going to order a Domino’s…. Honestly, I’ve never seen his face light up so bright.  It was even more exciting for them because it was ‘our little secret’…. Not a bad secret… just a little treat between Mammy, Boyo and Princess Pants!  (Incidentally, I left the Domino’s boxes in plain view of Hubby-to-be, so I would guess that he knows!)


Day 43 – Pancake Day!  I always preferred to leave my Mum to make the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, I can cook all manner of things but manage to scramble an omelette….. This year, we didn’t visit my parents so I bit the bullet, bought myself a nice new frying pan and made some pancakes.  They didn’t turn out to badly if I say so myself!

Day 44 – Last weekend I ordered Princess Pants’ ballet uniform.  It arrived and we set about trying it on!  She insisted she was now a princess, with a princess dress and everything.  I think her face says it all really!

Day 45 – Making a huge effort with Boyo’s school project on Amelia Earhart.  He did most of the research himself, and typed it up himself… I hit print on the screen and voila!

Day 46 – We were mighty excited about Friday.  It was hubby-to-be’s first day off (uninterrupted by extra last minute shifts/trips to the hospital/visits to or from family members).  We decided (on the hoof) to go for a meal at the Harvester.  It always proves a hit with the whole family and is reasonably priced.  Princess Pants and Boyo were just excited to be with Mammy AND Daddy!  We ate until we could eat no more.  It was fabulous.  What was the highlight of our meal?  The sundae’s…. Boyo asked for Toffee and Strawberry sauce, Princess Pants wanted strawberry sauce, Hubby to be had an Ultimate Cadbury sundae, I went for the Eton Mess one.  Nom, nom, nom!

Day 47 – A nice relaxing day waiting for Hubby-to-be to leave for work and the day before the big preparations for back to school!